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Lagan Valley LeisurePlex - Xn Ticket

Lagan Valley LeisurePlex had ambitions of making their ticketing system much easier and drawing more visitors to their pools through online booking. This will reduce stress and staff hours spent on the administration process. Sports Services Business Manager, Briege Glover, chose Xn Leisure because the Xn Ticket could offer massive benefits to their existing system and because of our superior ongoing support and aftercare.

Streamlining customer self service

Lagan Valley LeisurePlex is a busy centre with both leisure and swimming pools together with sport, fitness and health facilities. The centre is operated by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council (LCCC) near Belfast in Northern Ireland. The pools were opened to the public in November 1999 and had a £3.4million refurbishment in 2015 to make it the biggest pool of its kind in Northern Ireland. Nearly 180,000 people use the pool each year and it entices young people and families from across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The pool is said to have the fastest and longest rides in Ireland and young people have developed a fondness with the centre as they spend years of their childhood creating memories there.

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