7 mistakes that gyms make on social media and how to avoid them

7 mistakes that gyms make on social media and how to avoid them

In a time where social media is king, it’s more important than ever for gyms and fitness providers to optimise their social media experiences.

With so many elements that can be optimised, however, there are a huge number of ways that businesses can make mistakes on social media.

Unfortunately, these mistakes can undo all of your hard work in setting up and managing the platforms, so it’s important to review your social media efforts, recognise mistakes, and rectify any oversights.

To get you started, here are 7 mistakes that gyms make on social media, but that are easy to identify and easy to fix.

Having too many social media accounts

Having lots of social media accounts mean that you potentially get a wider audience looking at your profiles and posts. But if you just have different social media accounts for the sake of it and don’t actually work to optimise each of them in their own particular way, then there’s not much point.

If your target audience isn’t using Pinterest, then don’t have a Pinterest account.

Not completing social media admin

It’s sensible to think of your social media as a ‘shop front’ for your business. This is where you want both potential and current members to be able to find information easily that will entice them into your fitness club.

Having incomplete bios, business listing, or general information can make it really difficult for your members to find the information that they need.

Your bio should include the name of your gym, the address, and phone number as a minimum.

Not engaging with members

No member is going to want to keep following and (hopefully) engaging with a profile that just preaches or shares posts about them.

It would be like sitting next to someone on the train who just talked about themselves for the entire journey.

You can definitely advertise your own content, but make sure to intersperse it with other people’s content, transformations, and success stories.

You can engage with members much more easily by doing this.

Using inconsistent branding

Your social media accounts are an online spokesperson for your gym. To prevent any jarring discrepancies, make sure that your social media aligns properly to your gym.

This can be anything from colour schemes to the tone of voice.

If your gym has generally ‘luxe’ branding with a black colour scheme, for example, then this colour scheme and luxurious feel should also be used on social media. What’s more, you need to be consistent with your branding on every post.

Using the wrong photos

Using photos on social media needs a strategic approach. For example, many fitness providers don’t know that photos with faces included get almost 40% more likes and engagement. They’re more human, more interesting, and more appealing.

Think about the photos you’re using – do they convey your gym’s brand? Do they show members and staff using the gym? Are they fit for purpose?

Using blurry photos

Whilst you’re re-examining your use of photos, also think about the quality of the photos you post. Blurry, low-quality photos can make your page looks amateur and unprofessional.

The last thing you want is for a brilliant post to be ruined by a distractingly bad photo. Make sure that you use high-quality photos on all your posts.

Being afraid of Facebook reviews

Most people now want to shop around online before they commit to buying anything. This also applies to gym memberships.

Facebook reviews have become a reliable way for people to find out more about a gym before joining up.

Whilst you can’t make sure that every Facebook review you get will be 5*, if you believe in the service you’re providing, you should really think about letting people review your gym.

If you know members that love the gym, ask them to review you on Facebook!

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