Get the best acquirer deal - for free

Get the best acquirer deal - for free

Completely free, no obligation

Credit card transactions carry merchant fees. Have you checked your fees to ensure you have a good deal?

Like with household utilities, you can switch acquirers to get better deals which save your organisation money. In challenging times, cost savings can make a real difference, and you may not have noticed the impact those incremental price increases on your merchant account may have.

Xn is part of the larger entity Jonas Group. You can now leverage the vast buying power that the Group offers to achieve the most competitive merchant acquirer rates in the marketplace.  This includes potentially seeking better rates from your own current providers! 

Our check is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation, all you need to do is provide a copy of your last credit card (Online and/or Peds) merchant statement or an accurate average monthly transaction value (pre-Covid) and we will run a check.  

Do I need to be a customer of Xn to benefit from this?

No! Our group buying power is open to any organisation. You do not need to be an Xn customer. Please share with your colleagues in the industry and help them make savings too.


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