Introducing - Xn Pay

Introducing - Xn Pay

The preference for online payments is ever-growing, more so now in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

However, with the rise of online payments comes a new set of potential hurdles. For example, having to enter one’s bank card details over and over for each online transaction can be frustrating, especially as other shopping and e-commerce channels have set the standard for saving card details and making checkout processes easier.  

With the average cart abandonment rate at 79.17% across all industries, having a good online payment solution can help make the purchasing process smoother for members. 

In fact, most retailers recognise that making it hard for their customers to complete a purchase will result in fewer transactions, so finding a fast, reliable, and easily-maintained solution is vital to keep your online sales healthy.

Xn Pay provides the ideal solution to potential online purchasing problems, and it’s so quick and easy to set up. Xn Pay’s Online Wallet functionality is immediately available to all operators using this payment provider once they’ve upgraded to version 2.16 of Leisure Hub. 

Following the upgrade, any of your customers going through the payment process will be offered the option to save their card details to their own online wallet ready for future use. 

Xn Pay - pay by card screenshot

The online wallet can store one or multiple cards at once, and the easy-to-use carousel interface enables users to quickly select the card they’d like to use. 

Xn Pay - credit card selector screenshot

This gives customers and members an easy and quick solution to paying for services online, as the customer does not need to re-type their card information every time they need to pay.  

What’s more, the online wallet is totally secure. Customers will need to provide the three-digit CVV code found on the back of the physical card to authorise each transaction**. All other card details stored are securely encrypted.

The use of the online wallet is entirely optional. Customers are not bound to using only the cards in their online wallet and they have complete control over the cards they wish to store for future use. Those that use the online wallet will benefit from a quicker, steadfast checkout experience which, as an added bonus for the operator, boosts the likelihood of returning custom. Furthermore, for security purposes, the use of the cards stored in an online wallet is only available to the wallet owner and not staff users.  

If your current system does not have this feature and you'd like to know more, please contact our Sales Team today.

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