ReferAll and Xn: a joined-up approach to success

ReferAll and Xn: a joined-up approach to success

The ability to evidence the positive impact on health of physical activity in a language that talks to health practitioners and decision-makers has never been more critical.

ReferAll is a leading data management platform for health and lifestyle services. Their digital platform allows quick, simple, and secure online referrals to be made, reducing the volume of admin work for public health teams, leisure trusts, local authorities, and NHS organisations.

The ReferAll platform also allows for real-time monitoring and evaluation of outcomes by healthcare professionals.

ReferAll and Xn Leisure have enjoyed an 8-year partnership, which allows the seamless integration of GP referrals into Xn’s Leisure Management Solution software.

The end goal of the partnership was the potential for the customer to seamlessly roll out Xn’s Leisure Management Solution with ReferAll’s Exercise Referral Solution together.



With the two solutions working in harmony, leisure centres can offer healthcare referred customers a simple, unified journey. Jason Watts, Sales Director at Xn Leisure, explains:

“If you’re a patient referred for activity at a local leisure centre, then without the ReferAll solution your Xn membership journey effectively doesn’t start at all. Your referral would remain completely separate from our software, effectively lost to the system and it all becomes a much slower process.”



Where patients would usually need to manually deliver information to leisure staff (or wait for your GP to send it over), the use of ReferAll’s solution means that exercise referrals requests can be securely received and the patient can be contacted swiftly and offered an initial appointment, all via text message or email.

The patient is given a unique identifier, which is then fed into Xn’s Leisure Management Solution. Xn’s solution enables the patient to experience a seamless end-to-end journey, with joining, reporting, and follow-ups in one easy-to-access place.

“All the staff member has to do is add the patient to the course, induction, or session,” says Watts. “No data input, no human error, no frustrations, no incorrect data being reported. Even pre-questionnaire completion can be done in ReferAll prior to the appointment. All the pain is taken away. Within weeks the leisure centres take it for granted and don‘t know how they ever operated without it.”

Shared reporting means operators can access exactly how many sessions a patient attended and share this with the healthcare professional for follow up.

Moving forwards, Xn is planning to enhance the integration and upgrade the platform.

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