What is geo mapping?

What is geo mapping?

You know what they say – it’s all about the location! Whilst this is certainly true about buying a property, it is also very true about using geo mapping in your marketing or business strategy. This, often underestimated solution, can provide a powerful insight into your potential customers through intelligent data analysis and visualisation.


What exactly is geo mapping?

Geo mapping – or rather, geographic mapping - is frequently used across all niches and can serve lots of purposes. At its core, it is a method of data visualisation that enables you to easily make sense of geo-cultural differences. In simple terms, geo mapping is a clever way to overlay the demographic data that you already have onto a map or satellite images.

For example: if you owned a retail franchise in various locations across the UK, and you were looking to determine the gender breakdown of sales in each city, then a geo map would be a simple way to visualise this.

Unlike spreadsheets, which take hours to pore through, the message is instand with a geo map and distinctions are incredibly easy to make. Like the gender difference in sales between the north and south of the UK, or the areas where the gender split is more pronounced.

Some of the most common geo map forms include:

  • Pin drops
  • Heatmaps (like the image above)
  • Radius and
  • Territory mapping


How can geomapping be applied to your business strategy?

Geo mapping is a critical tool in many problem solving and decision making processes. The data sets obtained from a geomap can provide key information on:

  • A distance scale between features

  • Areas with a sparsity or prevalence of features
  • Localised demographic data
  • A timeline of changes in data to help forecast future growth

This information can be implemented across multiple channels to enhance the current opportunities and create new ones, identify gaps in the market and prepare a better sales strategy, as well as identifying new locations for your business.

The benefit to all this? Data-driven customer solutions give way to better profitability and increased customer retention.

For example, a geo map can be used to determine the popularity of specific product types in different locations. This information will have a direct impact on stock purchases in each franchise.


Geo mapping Solutions by Xn Leisure

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