Xn harnesses open ‘opportunity data’ to increase physical activity visibility

Xn harnesses open ‘opportunity data’ to increase physical activity visibility

Xn Leisure has joined forces with OpenActive to make information on sport and activity more publicly accessible for Leisure Hub users. Using open data, Xn Leisure will contribute to the growing movement aiming to make booking fitness facilities online as easy as ordering a takeaway or finding a hotel.

Open data is defined as data that can be freely used, shared and built-on by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose. In leisure, this translates to classes and activities being shared by organisations across the country.

Open data’s ability to reach more customers, make your activities easier to find and book, and to encourage more people to get active has led to the term ‘opportunity data’ being coined by enthusiastic players in the leisure industry.

Xn Leisure has been working with OpenActive – an initiative aimed at driving opportunity data – for the last two years, to bring open data to Leisure Hub, its self-service member platform.

Those on board will be able to expose their data to schemes such as Change4Life and This Girl Can, as well as numerous other businesses eager to help fitness goers discover activities in their community.

Ros Woodhead, Head of Development at Xn Leisure, sees this as a fantastic opportunity to increase physical activity participation in the UK:

 “Xn Leisure are very pleased to be working with OpenActive. We truly believe in getting more people active, and this initiative really encourages an active lifestyle.”

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