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https://www.xnleisure.com/contentfiles/brochures/102.pdfWith health and safety at the workplace becoming more important than ever, it is critical that operators ensure they are compliant with current legislation. Businesses must produce evidence that all procedures and policies are being
completed correctly and that data is collected on time and accurately.

Xn’s Checksheets solution provides the facility to produce bespoke checklists and forms, create schedules of work and allocate these to specific staff for completion. Our web based solution allows web forms to be accessed from
any handheld device and saved locally, making them usable throughout the facility including outdoor and plant room areas. The use of email triggers will automatically notify line managers of any non-completion or faults requiring maintenance. This ensures down time is kept to a minimum and the highest quality standards are delivered at all times, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and improving member retention


Checksheets allows your organisation to create daily to-do lists for every individual staff member or third-party supplier such as cleaners or personal trainers. By creating clear ownership of essential tasks and ensuring accurate completion, Checksheets will improve standards and quickly identify training needs.

Automated escalations provide line managers with status updates that ensure tasks will be completed whatever challenges a business faces. Checksheets can also be used for attendance registers, reporting incidents or accidents and attaching images for evidence. All the information recorded is securely stored within the cloud or each client’s infrastructure and can be easily retrieved, ensuring accurate evidence is available should the need arise.



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