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On Course is a web-based application that delivers simple administration of all facets of course management. The ASA-approved system is a cross-site solution allowing the sharing of data and waiting lists. The module consists of three parts:

- Front of House solution accessed from our integrated platform or any web enabled hardware.

- Self-service Home Portal allowing parents to view progress and make future bookings online.

- Hand held units - used to digitally record attendance and assessments (via iPod touch or Android devices)


With On Course, there is no need for paper-based registers and competency check sheets. The instructor uses a durable touchscreen device with optional waterproof cover (available from third-party cover manufacturer). Connecting and syncing over a secure wireless network, all pupil information is downloaded to the Base Module, allowing the instructor to take registers, assess individual pupils or assess specific skills. Any pupil with debts, is new to the course or has a medical condition is instantly flagged to the instructor.

The system also allows automated reporting: users can receive daily, weekly or monthly spreadsheets containing all of their personalised course data, direct to their email inbox. As the administrator, you can customise the content of the spreadsheet and decide who receives what data and how often. The information is automatically generated from the system in a matter of moments, saving your staff hours of administration time.


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