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Advice & Guidance for Reopening

As a leading IT solutions provider for the Leisure Market we can support your reopening from COVID-19 closures. The following guidance and support is available to customers to enable the reopening of facilities.
For a pdf version to share with colleagues, please download one here.

  • Sessions

    Session capacity might need to be reduced. This can be done via Back Office > System > Courses & Sessions > Setup Sessions > Selecting the relevant session group and amending the headcount for each session. Full instructions can be found in Section of the Dimension D3 Manual on our Extranet.

  • Tickets

    In order to comply with Social Distancing requirements you may want to consider moving Gym and Swim tickets to sessions to limit the capacity by restricting entry with bookable slots. Instructions on how to do this can be found in our Knowledge Base.

  • Cashless Transactions

    In order to take cashless transactions you will need to ensure that your chip and PIN devices have contactless enabled. This can be done via your chip and PIN provider.

  • Horizons

    The sessions that are available online may need to be reviewed and potentially reduced. To remove sessions from Horizons go into Self Service Config > Admin > Activities > Sessions. Edit each session and untick the ‘Available Online’ box. Please note that you will need to sync the site in Self Service Config > Admin > Sites to display the changes on the customer facing website.

  • Opening Times

    If you want to adjust the opening times of your site then this can be done in Dimension > Central Administration > Estate Set Up > Edit the Details of an Existing Site. Full instructions can be found in Section 3.4 of the Dimension D1 Manual on our Extranet.

  • Cancelled DD Members

    During a period of closure or lockdown, we understand that you might have had some members cancel their Direct Debits. We would recommend using a report to gather a list of cancelled members so that you can make contact about re-joining your facility. You might want to send an email with a promotion code that can be used with Dimension, Leisure Hub or OLM. To gather the list of cancelled DD members you can use either the Cancelled Memberships Report or the Member Mailing Report.

  • Reporting> Central Reports > Cancelled Memberships Report

    Back Office> Reports> Mailing> Members Reports > Select Expired as Status, Payment type of Direct Debit and select a Cancellation Date Range > Extract (This report will give you the email address of the members who have opted in to marketing).

  • Reporting on Promotions Sold

    When you reopen you might want to run a promotion as a way of increasing your membership sales. You can keep track of the take up of these promotions by accessing Central Administration >
    Memberships > Promotions> Select the promotion from the drop down. From this screen you will be able to view how many times this promotion has been used.

  • Head Count Reports

    We understand there will be a limit on the amount of people allowed into your facilities so that social distancing can be adhered to. Why not use one of our headcount reports in Dimension to monitor this.

    Back office reporting > Report Launcher > Head Count Reports > Daily Head Count Report

    If you have Xn Insight you could use the Booking Analysis report to monitor headcounts in the Gym or Throughput Analysis to monitor the total footfall through your facility. It might also be useful to create a dashboard in Xn Insight and provide these to management, this is a great alternative to sending daily or weekly reports.

  • Session Occupancy and Monitoring

    We understand you will be operating a slightly reduced fitness class schedule. You can use the Empty Sessions report to check the occupancy levels of all your Sessions.

    Back Office> Reports > Report Launcher > Utilisation Reports> Empty Sessions Report

    If using Xn Insight you can use the Session Occupancy report to help you make decisions on your fitness program. You might need to add additional classes or remove dates from your class schedule.

  • Turning Gym Tickets into Sessions

    Due to Social Distancing requirements you may want to change your Gym entry from tickets purchased on the EPOS to limited capacity sessions bookable by members via Horizons,
    Kiosk or Advantage.

    Visit our Knowledge Base Article for full instructions

  • Questionnaires

    If members are required to complete a new induction as a result of Covid-19 it can be recorded via a questionnaire in Dimension > Central Administration > User Admin > Add Questionnaire. Full instructions can be found in Section 4.2 of the Dimension D4 Manual on our Extranet.

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