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Xn Ticket is both a front of house and on-line ticketing and event management solution that meets the requirements for sport and event ticketing functionality that is used for leisure pool and adventure facility ticketing. Xn Ticket is a comprehensive Events, Attractions and Conference ticketing solution needs with a fast, mobile and secure platform. The solution is up and running and leisure pools and facilities such as climbing and high ropes facilities. The solution can be tailored to meet each customers exact needs.

Xn Ticket offers flexible, scalable cloud based software solution for Reservations and Ticketing Management.  We understand that for our customers, reservations and ticketing systems are mission critical an always on, always current service trusted by our customers.


This is a cost-effective solution enable businesses of all sizes to leverage multi-channel sales and marketing environment.  We offer a range of services, support and customer success resources to help our customers get the most from their Xn Ticket deployments, including education, training, and partner integration certification programs

The benefits and features of Xn Ticket includes:

  • State of the art online booking solution, built with the latest cloud technology and continuous upgrades
  • Wide range of configuration options and modules with more being added through our continuous innovation
  • Ability to set up an unlimited number of pricing bands 
  • Web and mobile-based, Xn Ticket offers a simple modern interface with flexibility to design event pages and seat maps to suit simple to the most complex
  • Saleable seats can be set up as required.
  • Fees / charges are available in Xn Ticket with multiple flexible options
  • Booking fees can be passed to the customer or embedded into ticket price
  • Additional fees can be added to the event or at the company level
  • Miscellaneous one-time fees can be added at time of booking
  • Flexible, configurable and automatic pricing using but not limited to dates and customer data entered for the event
  • Multiple redemption options including bar code scanning with automatic data capture of customer and attendance data
  • Multiple ticket and product types can be sold, including passes and memberships
  • Customer data and sales history are captured and available in real-time for analytics and marketing uses
  • Standard integrations for credit / debit card payments as well as ticket printing options
  • A multi-tenant cloud based technology for the most up to date security, reliability and ease of hosting and maintenance.
  • The solution can also manage sports event registration and ticketing including gate attendances and massed start events. 
  • The solution is cost neutral with a charge per ticket or event registration there is a minimal capital cost outlay to begin with and the fully hosted solution does away with the need to set up and support an infrastructure.
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