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The Leisure Hub is here! Xn are proudly shouting out loud about their latest on line and self-service solution, that’s going to change the way customers join, book and manage their day to day interactions with you, via their own on line portal, namely the Leisure Hub. It’s a full responsive solution at home on a mobile, tablet or any web enabled tech.

Combining the online joining, booking and self-administration applications will allow users to interact with the sites through one consistent, familiar interface. Allowing members to take out memberships, make bookings, make payments, view receipts (less paper / more trees), change memberships, take up offers, access third party solutions all from the same place, with a single secure log in that will improve their experience.

Putting members in control and giving them the tools to manage their details, memberships and bookings means less reliance on sites, freeing up employees to focus on other parts of customer service.

See the videos below right to view the power and functionality of Leisure Hub.

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What are the benefits of Leisure Hub?

  • A simple, enjoyable and useful online experience – Streamlining every aspect of the existing solutions will improve the users experience.
  • The responsive user interface allows the user to experience the same, high-quality experience on a desktop, smart TV, tablet or smartphone.
  • Improved styling – The improved structure of the components that make up the Leisure Hub website allows for better styling to match branding. In addition, the convergence of the online booking and joining solutions allows them to use the same branding avoiding the need to brand two separate websites.
  • Superb APIs – enhancing third party integration and allow integration with partners in the Leisure industry using technologies, standards and practices that will be familiar to their developers.
  • Translatable – ability for customers to translate their site into other languages giving members the ability to view the site in different languages. Users can use the language they prefer.
  • Customers have more control of the configuration – which means less extra costs/reliance on Xn to make changes
  • Better deployment – of both the current online booking and joining solutions. A centralised release management system provides the following benefits:
    • Faster and more consistent deployments
    • Significantly less down time
    • Xn to deploy updates and functionality across the estate in minutes.
    • Small upgrades, similar to mobile apps can be deployed little and often.
  • Easier to find memberships and bookings –
    • Rather than being presented with a fixed list of memberships customers will be able to filter the list of memberships and bookings based on criteria defined by own preferences.
    • The search criteria in the existing solution is replaced in the Leisure Hub with a visual set of filters. Searches require less information or knowledge with the search being faster and more interactive - filters can be defined as required by each customer.
  • Online store functionality – members and registered users can add things to their basket and check out, as per retail sites
  • Promotion codes accepted for bookings and memberships
  • Improved debt & payment history –  members can pay off all their debts online and view their payment history.
  • Marketing preferences –  members can control their marketing preferences allowing customers to manage their communication and marketing profile, thus meeting GDPR requirements in full.
  • On line receipts - no need for paper receipts at site or on line, all your transactions are stored on line, far more environmentally friendly,
  • One click booking – if you are a member and want to book onto a free activity - just click on the Quick Book button.
  • Notices –  display banners on the site to targeted groups. Notices can be created by the customer for any notice or messaging via the config screens improving the communication of important information to the members.
  • QR Codes – ability for members to use their mobile instead of using a card or holding or printing tickets
  • Suggested bookings - automatically suggest better offers or alternative bookings based on usage and bookings history.
  • Document management – Customers will be able to manage documents and make them available online to members. Improved version management and the ability to directly upload new documents via the Leisure Hub configuration will greatly reduce administration, such as automatic changes to Terms and Conditions. Members will also have access to download and view documents they have agreed to.
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