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General Data Protection Regulation Statement

We are sure you will be aware of the new GDPR but if this has gone under your radar, please look at the following Wikipedia article. 
The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force 25th May 2018. This is a revamped version of the data protection regulations that have been strengthened to meet the needs of an increasingly complex digital world.  
Xn Leisure supply applications and associated databases that reside within a customer’s infrastructure, or hosted with a third party. In terms of GDPR, this means customers are considered data controllers and Xn Leisure are data processors only when required to support systems.  

What is Xn Leisure doing about GDPR?

Detailed statements were sent to all our customers setting out how we are preparing to provide functionality to assist customers in meeting the new regulations. Existing customer will find detailed GDPR Statements on the Xn Leisure Extranet under the "News" section. You can request access to our Extranet by raising an "Extranet Access" ticket via Our Support Hub. 
Extranet can be found at: www.xncommunity.com
Support Hub can be found at: https://xnleisurecustomersupport.na1.teamsupport.com
We also invited customers to submit their own ideas for inclusion.

We would still appreciate any additional feedback or submissions from customers by sending us PIDS for future releases.

List of GDPR area’s that have been developed or are being updated within our products to more efficiently deal with the new regulations.   

  • Right to Access: 
  • Right to Rectification: 
  • Right to Data Portability: 
  • Right to be Forgotten / Erasure: 
  • Right to be informed: 
  • Right to restrict processing: 
  • Right to object: 
  • Right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling: 
  • Explicit Consent rules: 
  • Cleansing Data:  

With the GDPR compliance deadline of 25th May 2018 approaching, we have made amendments to our existing products and developed a new module to assist compliance.  We are currently finalising the Early Adopter phase in preparation for the general release of the new Data Protection module in the New Year.

The new Data Protection module introduces the following functionality:

  • Quickly identifies which Xn database(s) the person’s details are in.
  • Creates a CSV file for ‘portability’ of details held in Xn database(s).
  • Removes personal data on an individual basis (right to be forgotten).
  • Removes personal data of people who have not been active for a configurable period.

The new module isn’t mandatory to remain GDPR compliant as the tasks can be done manually, it makes them easier and less laborious, saving the end users valuable time and effort. 

We have recently sought feedback from our early adopters on the new module and feedback includes the following quote:

"The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations is the biggest single change to Data Protection law in the last 30 years and the implications for the data the leisure industry holds on its members is extensive. One of the key features for the customer is their right as a Data Subject to view, export and/or erase all the personal data we hold on them. Xn have been working with partners to develop the Data Protection Module which will enable operators to easily source this data, export for their reference or erase any data currently being held without any real justification. It also offers a fantastic opportunity to ‘clean up’ old data and remove this from the database.  

As a Data Governance Manager responsible for company data this is a very important tool to support our compliance to GDPR." 

Mike Critchley - ICT & Data Governance Manager, Live Wire Warrington

What should customers be doing about GDPR?

The new regulation allows for financial sanctions to be imposed so we strongly advise customers to research GDPR and be aware of responsibilities in this area. For this you may also need to perform a gap analysis, engage training providers and legal specialists as we know operators hold personal data and in some cases sensitive personal data. Xn Leisure has adopted this approach in readiness.  
For existing customer with any GDPR queries, please raise a "GDPR Query" ticket via our Support Hub which will be routed to your Customer Relationship Manager for a response. 
The Support Hub can be found at: https://xnleisurecustomersupport.na1.teamsupport.com

Updated: 19th December 2017.

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