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Welcome to our Partners section. Here, you can read about the range of companies and organisations we partner with who help us provide a one-stop solution and the very latest innovative platforms, for our customers.

4 Global

4 Global provides expert support in three areas: Major Event Consultancy, Sport Intelligence and Sports Planning Consultancy, helping clients with our extensive knowledge and experience, and with robust evidence and critical insight. We work with Event Organising Committees, National and International Sports Governing Bodies, Governments, Local Authorities and Facility Operators. The structure of our services is summarized below; you can find more detailed information under Our Services. 

Information where and when you need it.

We design and build reporting tools for leisure centres, local authorities and other sports bodies.  By bringing together data from different units and functions, we provide our clients with a structured, consistent, relevant and up to date picture. This allows them to monitor key participation, programme, financial and facility performance indicators on-line, and manage complex organisations more effectively, driving improved performance and capitalising on best practice. 

We support our clients in continuously enhancing their performance through the new insights gained from using our innovative on-line information platforms and tools, with access to data aggregated from a wide range of industry sources, including nationwide real-time feeds from sport facility systems. The unique combination of our sector expertise and in-house information systems capability ensures that our clients receive solutions tailored to their current and future needs, as well as expert advice, education, training and support.

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