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Welcome to our Partners section. Here, you can read about the range of companies and organisations we partner with who help us provide a one-stop solution and the very latest innovative platforms, for our customers.


At Cap2 Solutions our vision is to be the branded global leader in course management software and solutions.

No matter what sport you are teaching or coaching, Cap2 Solutions has a product that can help you operate a better business model, enabling you to provide your customers with a higher level of service.

Specialists in course management systems

Cap2 Solutions specialises in building & implementing course management systems.

Our products are the leading course management solution and are now being used in thousands of locations around the world.

Utilising portable hand held technology, online hosted software and automated email and SMS systems, our software is designed to streamline your business and deliver efficient time savings.

All of this in a user-friendly web interface that is incredibly easy to use and learn. www.cap2.co.uk

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