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Welcome to our Partners section. Here, you can read about the range of companies and organisations we partner with who help us provide a one-stop solution and the very latest innovative platforms, for our customers.

Refer All

Refer All have created an online system where your health, leisure and fitness professionals can monitor and track people through an intervention. Our focus is on the collection of data to help services evidence the work they do. Our secure online software is used by Public Health Teams, Local Authorities, Leisure Trusts and NHS organisations across the UK. We have provided the vehicle for data management and analysis since 2010 and offer dynamic solutions for public health and wellbeing services.

Our software enables people running wellbeing and lifestyle services to focus on efficiency and excellent customer care.


Fully integrated with Xn

The idea was simple: to allow you to receive online referrals to a scheme that would work with a patient to help them improve their health. A specialist system which helps people who help people. Our secure, robust platform creates a centralised solution that allows you to complete complex analysis economically. We provide software solutions specifically for the public health market. Over 120 services use ReferAll, from exercise referral schemes and weight management services to complex integrated lifestyle services. Each solution is configured to meet your services aims and intended outcomes. Behind the scenes our automated tasks, SMS and reporting features ensure that key performance indicators are gathered and outcomes are generated.

At Refer All we help to increase capacity for services and offer an excellent return on investment for our customers

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