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Welcome to our Partners section. Here, you can read about the range of companies and organisations we partner with who help us provide a one-stop solution and the very latest innovative platforms, for our customers.

Rosendahl Conceptkiosk

ROSENDAHL CONCEPTKIOSK A/S strives to be your first choice partner for solutions and projects of Indoor and Outdoor Digital Communication. Our Design, Development and Production experience offers  the best customised Digital solutions, that covers your requirements.

Quality - our core value

We have more than 15 years of experience with development and production of digital signage to advertising, information and touch screens. To the entire world. Rosendahl Conceptkiosk are built on the core values of Danish craftsmanship, from development to production, everything done in a high quality with creativity and a forward thinking perspective, which characterizes the company. Rosendahl's digital solutions appear both timeless and sleek, both for indoor and outdoor usage. The information solutions have a user-friendly approach to service.
We have an ongoing development so we can fulfill the requirements that a modern information society needs about high quality, functionality, service and design. We gladly help our customers through the whole project from beginning to the end.
We are prepared for the many and exciting challenges that the future will bring, and are looking forward to using our expert know-how and finding the best service for our customers and partners.

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